Available Originals Holiday Guide

A few shows have opened since I've been away and I wanted to provide everyone with a handy list of what's available for purchase (including some discount codes and purchase plans when available).

Here goes:

1. First we have four fun holiday paintings that I did awhile ago for another project and would love to have them make someone happy in their home. They each measure 8" x 11" and will be available for purchase in my own shop tomorrow, Monday, Dec 15th at 3pm EST for $325 a piece.

2. Get the Lead Out VI presented by Swoon Gallery. I had 4 pieces in this fantastic show and only 1 painting is left. "Annie" is acrylic on maple and measures 8.5" x 8.5" and is available for $475. Please visit Swoon Gallery's website for purchase details.

3. Flower Pepper Gallery's 3rd Anniversary Show. This was such a fun piece to paint I hope that these 3 silly characters can brighten someone's day. "Sunny, Goggin & Crump" is acrylic on maple and measures 9.75" x 11.75 x .75". It is available for purchase for $550 at Flower Pepper Gallery's website.

4. Crazy 4 Cult Back in LA presented by Gallery 1988. After my last Kubrick inspired piece I just couldn't help but do a painting inspired by one of my all time favorite movies, A Clockwork Orange. "Fuzzy Navel" is acrylic on maple and measures 8.5" x 8.5" x .75 and is available for purchase for $450 from G1988's website.

5. I also wanted to mention that Gallery 1988 is having their yearly sale. Use the code SALE88 through Dec 31st for 30% off past releases (does not include the above painting)! These are the 2 originals that do fall into that category along with some prints. Visit their website for what's available.

6. And finally, there are still a few originals from my Happy as Kings solo at Gallery Nucleus. They have some great deals (free shipping) and if you ask nicely they will do a payment plan for you! Visit their website for available pieces and prints.

I wish you all the best this holiday season and thank you for your continued support and well wishes. I'll be back to painting soon :)



"Albus Lepus"

I'm so happy to finally be able to introduce you to my latest painting, "Albus Lepus". I was asked to create a new image for a limited edition print release with Plastic Foundry and this is the result.
The original painting measures 12" x 16" and  will be available for purchase on Thursday, May 23 at 3pm EDT through my own shop. You can see close ups and more details here.

The prints (shown on the right) are an edition of 50, measuring a generous 16.5" X 23.4" and are only available through Plastic Foundry - <a href="http://plasticfoundry.com/?product=albus-lepus-by-cuddly-rigor-mortis">click here for details.</a>

Once again, thank you for your support - enjoy!

Just in Case...

...you didn't see them, the full pieces from my mini showcase at Auguste Clown Gallery are now online. They did such a wonderful job framing them, I'm considering framing all my work now!

This is "Betula" and she's the only creature who didn't find a forever home during the preview.

(Update: she's sold) If you're looking for something to put on your walls, won't you consider her?

Little Wren says, "Yes!"

And if you are looking for prints, I'm going to be producing the series along with the gallery so no one will have to pay such high shipping costs no matter what side of the world you're on :)

Many thanks to everyone else who gave a home to one of my woodland friends!

Dendrology Mythology

I am really excited to show you the new work for my Dendrology Mythology show at Auguste Clown Gallery in Fitzroy, Australia that opens Friday (15 March). We're keeping it to sneak peeks right now, but here's a bit of background on how I came up with the concept.

Detail "Zephyr" acrylic on woodI began reading a book from 1880 by Wirt Sikes, "Welsh Folk-Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions" and the line, "The chief philosopher of that enchanted region was a giant who sat on a mountain peak and watched the stars." sparked my first piece, "Zephyr".

Detail "Boris" acrylic on wood










 While I was reading the book, we were in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (and the blizzard that hit a week later), surrounded by huge oak trees broken in half, houses torn from their foundations and I began to imagine my own mythology of protectors and guardians to help me cope.


Detail "Oog" acrylic on wood









I went back to what I've always loved - songbirds, the forest and combined them into beings that I hope the viewer will want to know more about...to be friends with. Take a walk into the woods and peek under fallen trees and around clear, still pools and you might just see one of these creatures. And if you don't, know that they are still around, just out of sight, keeping you safe.

Many thanks to Auguste Clown for allowing me to show my work and hopefully make some people smile. For those of you in the area, they will also have my signed and mounted prints, some larger framed prints along with the original paintings on view.

If you want to receive the online preview which will go out Tuesday at 10pm EDT (in NYC) then please sign up for Auguste Clown's mailing list here.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Australia to JapanLA

Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne just released an exclusive limited edition giclee of "Fiji Frangipani".

It measures 31x41cm and is limited to 250 prints. You can purchase it through their website or stop by the gallery (which I would highly recommend if you're in the Melbourne area) and peruse the many available prints and original pieces on display.

If you're in the Los Angeles area you may want to stop by JapanLA. They have a gallery space in their store where my prints are currently being shown alongside Super Emo Friends and Bored Inc.
You can purchase them framed for $35 or unframed for $25.

Taking A Break

Ed and I have been working feverishly on putting together and trying to learn our new computers and software for our animation/ink and paint business. It's been...let's say, trying. We know that it's going to be a great help for us but we have quite the learning curve ahead of us. We decided to take brain breaks and do our own artwork.

I doodled up this little guy...

and started painting him up yesterday afternoon...

I apologize that my work is not as morbid or complex as of late, but I needed something simple to work on :) I also found a few of these custom plaques that my dad had made and completely forgot about. I think the shape is working out well with Skunky.


I had a theme of 'tigers' for one of this month's Flash Magazine illustrations. After doing the initial sketch...

...I was inspired to actually paint him instead of continuing on in Photoshop for the final. I roughed in the colors, shading and textures in Photoshop...

...and then transferred that to a plaque and began painting yesterday afternoon:

Just a teeny bit nervous since this is my first painting in months, but then again, I was always nervous painting ;)