Original Sketch Giveaways!

Whaaattt? A giveaway?! Not just one but TWO giveaway contests are now underway.

First one is for an original sketch of King Nori and it's over on Gallery Nucleus' Facebook page. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what makes you happy :D You can either scroll down their page to find it here, or I have it shared and pinned to the top of my facebook page here.

Next one is for my Instagram followers and it's for a King Klondike sketch. Simply follow me over there, reblog the giveaway photo and hashtag it #kingklondike. Easy!

Best of luck and thank you all for everything!

Holiday Shopping

How about some brand new prints?

First up, let's head over to Swoon Gallery where I've got more limited edition hand doodled prints. "King Crab" and "Queen Bee" have a bevy of royal pals that they wanted to show off. Each print is signed, numbered (limited to 10 each) and has a unique character on the bottom (dancing bears, jelly fish with crowns, bee hives and starfish to name a few). They are $50 each and available by emailing Ally at hello@swoongallery.com She also still has a few of my other doodled prints left - email her for what's available.

 Now let's go over to Gallery Nucleus where you can find "Saturnine" prints. These are 8.5 x 11 and $25 each. They are also the only place to find "Good Rocky's Revival" prints, "Mr. McPrickles" and "Daffadown Dilly". Lots and lots of wonderful artwork available here - definitely worth browsing for something special.

Finally on to my own shop where I've got two brand new print releases -- "Noodles" and "Luna Ascensio Rex". Both are 8" x 10" including a white border so they are ready to frame and hang. As with all my prints, they are titled, signed, dated and printed on thick, smooth velvet fine art paper from Hahnemuhle.

And as a small token of my appreciation for all my amazing fans, if you enter the code HOLIDAY2012 you'll get 10% off of your entire order! Good through Sunday, November 25th at midnight.

Have fun shopping and thank you!



A very rare occurance: I took on a commission.

I was contacted by Sean Lugo at Savage Habbit to do an "I'm Not Hungry" piece with his cat Noodles and a squirrel. I was feeling particularly good that day and thought I might enjoy painting a cat - I accepted.

I think it worked out well (and I didn't dive into a depression) so I'm seriously considering opening up my commission window again after years of saying no to people.

Not right now - but maybe. Yes, maybe :)



I had a theme of 'tigers' for one of this month's Flash Magazine illustrations. After doing the initial sketch...

...I was inspired to actually paint him instead of continuing on in Photoshop for the final. I roughed in the colors, shading and textures in Photoshop...

...and then transferred that to a plaque and began painting yesterday afternoon:

Just a teeny bit nervous since this is my first painting in months, but then again, I was always nervous painting ;)

This Is A Lucky Cat...

In the mail a couple days ago, we got our copy of Flash Magazine. Flipping through, I noticed this little guy:

Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat. I completely do not remember doing it, but Ed assured me that I did in fact do this particular illo. After looking around on my computer I found the reference, and bits and pieces began to filter back to me about it. Since I haven't posted anything art-wise here in a looooong time, I thought I'd give it a shot over on my Facebook page. So far it's gotten the most response of anything I've ever posted. Maybe everyone is just being nice to me but I do get the feeling that they really do genuinely like this little guy. So I went ahead and put up a pre-order page in the shop for prints of him. I'm waiting on a delivery of paper and I'm set to go away for four days (Jan 9 - 12) so it just made sense to put it up ahead of time so I can get an idea of how many of these I have to pump out when I get back from vacation.

Perhaps you've got a soft spot for Maneki Neko as well, or just want to see some close-ups of what the print will look like, so feel free to click on the pic above to go to the shop. I'm so happy that something I don't even remember doing is being so well received - thank you all :D