Affordable Originals - Ornaments and Sketches

I'm so happy to be involved with two upcoming shows - the first is opening this weekend at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in Los Angeles, "Through the Looking Glass" an art ornament show presented by the Artist Sisters: CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy (love these two gals!). All the ornaments are cash and carry at the shop and are all under $100! My piece is double sided, glow in the dark and only $75 :)

The second show is "Get the Lead Out V" at Swoon Gallery LA. This year the show will be presented online and all four of my pieces are $150 or less. There are so many amazing artists in this one and at least one piece had to be priced under $100 so there is quite the opportunity to snatch up something cool for the holidays :D

If you want to be put on the preview list for the show (which will go out Wed, Nov 20th) then email Ally at hello@swoongallery. Here's a peek at one of my pieces, "Monkey Buddy"...


Australia to JapanLA

Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne just released an exclusive limited edition giclee of "Fiji Frangipani".

It measures 31x41cm and is limited to 250 prints. You can purchase it through their website or stop by the gallery (which I would highly recommend if you're in the Melbourne area) and peruse the many available prints and original pieces on display.

If you're in the Los Angeles area you may want to stop by JapanLA. They have a gallery space in their store where my prints are currently being shown alongside Super Emo Friends and Bored Inc.
You can purchase them framed for $35 or unframed for $25.


I spent the better part of the day Sunday sitting at my dining room table with 40 prints and a fine point sharpie. These are the result, Limited Edition Doodled Prints (10 each character), hand signed and numbered, available at Swoon Gallery for $50 a piece. Email Ally at to get yours today!



I know it's only five days until Halloween and I know my company name includes the words 'rigor mortis' but this is what came out last week:

What are you going to do? I can't seem to kill anything anymore. I'd rather give Monkey a party than slice open his head. My sincerest apologies to those of you waiting for more creepiness but after living in a severe depression for so long my head is only popping out cute.

"Banana Birthday" measures 7" x 7" on a custom wood plaque and will go sale Tuesday, November 1st at 3pm EDT in my shop. Have a spooky Halloween and good luck everyone!