"Albus Lepus"

I'm so happy to finally be able to introduce you to my latest painting, "Albus Lepus". I was asked to create a new image for a limited edition print release with Plastic Foundry and this is the result.
The original painting measures 12" x 16" and  will be available for purchase on Thursday, May 23 at 3pm EDT through my own shop. You can see close ups and more details here.

The prints (shown on the right) are an edition of 50, measuring a generous 16.5" X 23.4" and are only available through Plastic Foundry - <a href="http://plasticfoundry.com/?product=albus-lepus-by-cuddly-rigor-mortis">click here for details.</a>

Once again, thank you for your support - enjoy!


I spent the better part of the day Sunday sitting at my dining room table with 40 prints and a fine point sharpie. These are the result, Limited Edition Doodled Prints (10 each character), hand signed and numbered, available at Swoon Gallery for $50 a piece. Email Ally at hello@swoongallery.com to get yours today!


Limited Editions

I've toyed with the idea of making all my prints limited editions since I started. I go back and forth whether it's better to keep making them year after year or keep things fresh in the shop by changing prints more often. The latter would also help spur me into painting more and that seems like a good thing for all of us.

Sooooo, with the release of "Smell You Later" today (at 3pm EST along with the original painting), I am going to be limiting my prints to a run of 100. Each new print will be presented in the same way, but I will number each one. And the best part -- they'll still cost $25 a piece!

With the success of my retirement sale on some older prints, I will also begin to retire my classic images. Keep an eye out for my next retirement sale (I've got some images that haven't been available for awhile that I figure deserve a proper exit).

I'm looking forward to this new way of working and hope that you are too. Thank again :D