I've been back from my trip to Australia for just about a week and am only now getting my head together. I think I saved up my jet lag for coming home ;) It was an amazing trip and Ed and I loved everything about it. From the warmth of our hosts (August Clown Gallery) to all the wonderful people that came out to the opening of my Foresta show to the city of Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road. It's hard to put into words what we saw so here's some of my favorite photos.

I hope you enjoy my little slide show! Thanks for looking everyone :D

New Solo "Foresta"

In a month and a half, Ed and I will be heading to Melbourne, Australia for my next solo, Foresta. We are so excited! I will be showing 14 brand new characters including, Bloob that you see above. I can't thank Leigh of Auguste Clown Gallery enough for not only showing my work for several years now, but giving me the opportunity of a larger show and thus, a reason to make the trek down under. It's been a dream of mine to go to Australia since I was little and my Dad used to travel there for business. I'm excited and nervous and we haven't been on a big trip like this for ages!

If anyone is in Melbourne, I'd love to meet you on the night of the opening, October 2nd. I spend most of my days fairly isolated in my studio, so getting to meet new people is always fun.

I also encourage anyone interested in these new paintings to email to be put on the preview list. That way you have first dibs on the artwork :D

Many thanks for reading!

Four New Plant Portraits

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious summer we're having :D

When I was asked to take part in The Illustrated Gallery at 1 Mile Gallery in Kingston, NY which opens August 2nd, I immediately thought plant portraits. I started researching plants and flowers and decided pretty quickly on four edible beauties: Chamomile, Chicory, Chives and Nasturtium.

I present for your viewing pleasure - laid back "Emily Chamomile" 6.5" x 8.5" acrylic on maple

the sturdy "Dick Chicory" 6.5" x 8.5" acrylic on maple

the spicy "Clive Chive" 5" x 10" acylic on maple

and last but not least, little peppery "Natalie Nasturtium" 6.5" x 9.5" acrylic on maple

Each of these paintings are priced at $375. If interested, please contact Janet Hicks at

Rat Kings and Cutaneous Horns

Flier bsmall

***Update: Click here for purchase information about this painting***

Hello everyone! As you can see above, I'm taking part in what is surely going to be one kick butt group show. I mean, seriously, look at that line up. We're talking some major artists here and my insecurities are definitely flaring up. The good folks at Glitch Gallery decided that my painting entitled, "Rattenkonig" should grace the back of the fliers. How about that?
My lovely ode to the glorious Rat King is acrylic on maple and measures 5" x 12.75". I've also created a small run of prints that will be available for the show.
If you're unable to attend the opening, the show will be placed online at the same time. No worries!


I'm also happy to announce my next showcase at Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia opens July 20th. I've entitled it "Cutaneous Horns" and just couldn't resist sticking more things on creatures heads. This was a fun bunch to work on! Above you can see a snippet of "Poppy" and "Oasis" below. Both will be available along with three other brand new paintings. If you're interested in the online preview (and a chance to buy these guys before anyone else) simply go to Auguste Clown and subscribe to their mailing list - easy!

As always, I hope my creations have put smiles on your gorgeous faces (what? you're not gorgeous?). Best of luck if you've been looking for an original and thanks for everything!



It's Pandamonium!

Opening this Saturday is Pandamonium at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA. My piece is called:

"Zhú"(which means 'bamboo' in Chinese)

8" x 10" x.75  Acrylic on maple

I've seen the previews for this show and they're all so wonderful! I highly recommend emailing to be put on the preview list as this show is sure to be a hit. You can also inquire about the mounted prints I made of this piece as well as t-shirts.


Just in Case... didn't see them, the full pieces from my mini showcase at Auguste Clown Gallery are now online. They did such a wonderful job framing them, I'm considering framing all my work now!

This is "Betula" and she's the only creature who didn't find a forever home during the preview.

(Update: she's sold) If you're looking for something to put on your walls, won't you consider her?

Little Wren says, "Yes!"

And if you are looking for prints, I'm going to be producing the series along with the gallery so no one will have to pay such high shipping costs no matter what side of the world you're on :)

Many thanks to everyone else who gave a home to one of my woodland friends!

Dendrology Mythology

I am really excited to show you the new work for my Dendrology Mythology show at Auguste Clown Gallery in Fitzroy, Australia that opens Friday (15 March). We're keeping it to sneak peeks right now, but here's a bit of background on how I came up with the concept.

Detail "Zephyr" acrylic on woodI began reading a book from 1880 by Wirt Sikes, "Welsh Folk-Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions" and the line, "The chief philosopher of that enchanted region was a giant who sat on a mountain peak and watched the stars." sparked my first piece, "Zephyr".

Detail "Boris" acrylic on wood










 While I was reading the book, we were in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (and the blizzard that hit a week later), surrounded by huge oak trees broken in half, houses torn from their foundations and I began to imagine my own mythology of protectors and guardians to help me cope.


Detail "Oog" acrylic on wood









I went back to what I've always loved - songbirds, the forest and combined them into beings that I hope the viewer will want to know more be friends with. Take a walk into the woods and peek under fallen trees and around clear, still pools and you might just see one of these creatures. And if you don't, know that they are still around, just out of sight, keeping you safe.

Many thanks to Auguste Clown for allowing me to show my work and hopefully make some people smile. For those of you in the area, they will also have my signed and mounted prints, some larger framed prints along with the original paintings on view.

If you want to receive the online preview which will go out Tuesday at 10pm EDT (in NYC) then please sign up for Auguste Clown's mailing list here.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


What The? Bat?

I went out to feed my fish and walk my dog the other day and this tiny bat swooped in, hovered over the water, then plopped in face down! He stayed motionless for a bit, then swam to the edge where he preened himself for about 20 minutes and then flew away.

He was so small! For some scale, the slate edge he's hanging onto is about 1 inch tall.

Tall Plant Portrait Series Continues...


I've always loved that first hint of spring and seeing the crocus and snowdrops blooming is a colorful little sigh of relief after a harsh winter.


I humbly present "Master Galanthus" and "Augustus Crocus", acrylic on pine, each 18" x 3.5" x .75".


I made them as a set and would love it if they could stay together. They will be available for purchase together on Friday, March 16th at 3pm EDT. If they do not sell as a set within 24 hours, I will make them available separately on Saturday, March 17th at 3pm EDT.