Who wants a Lemur?

My show, I'm Not Hungry, at Gallery 1988 (East) comes to an end tomorrow. I painted my heart out for months and there are 30 originals hanging on those walls.

29 of those originals have sold. I'm flabbergasted, speechless. I couldn't have predicted this outcome in a million years. So much love for everyone who came out and bought one to support me. I hope they bring you smiles for years to come!

But hey...what about that last one? That Black and White Ruffed Lemur with his favorite fruit dancing on his head?

It's "Lee"!

He was one of the most fun to paint (love that fur!) and I'm sure he'll find a good home. You can see all the pieces from my show, purchase prints and maybe even good ol' "Lee" over at Gallery 1988.

Thanks everyone!

Just in Case...

...you didn't see them, the full pieces from my mini showcase at Auguste Clown Gallery are now online. They did such a wonderful job framing them, I'm considering framing all my work now!

This is "Betula" and she's the only creature who didn't find a forever home during the preview.

(Update: she's sold) If you're looking for something to put on your walls, won't you consider her?

Little Wren says, "Yes!"

And if you are looking for prints, I'm going to be producing the series along with the gallery so no one will have to pay such high shipping costs no matter what side of the world you're on :)

Many thanks to everyone else who gave a home to one of my woodland friends!

"Le Tigre"

I finished up this guy last week and he's all sealed and ready to go. I'm fairly happy with the results, as I haven't painted anything in months (and gotten my head zapped so who knew if I would remember what to do!).

He'll go up for sale tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th at 12pm EST in the shop. Enjoy and good luck!

Sanrio 50th

This week is Sario's big 50th anniversary celebration at Small Gift LA. There's an amazing art show as well which includes work from Eric Joyner, Nouar, Gary Baseman and Joe Ledbetter to name just a few of the 50 artists involved.  It reminded me of two commissions that I did last year and never posted.

"Hello Candy" acrylic on wood

"My Sweet Melody" acrylic on wood

Maybe if I keep at this art thing I might get invited to the 75th anniversary ;)

My Poor Meatball

While walking through B&N looking at magazines I noticed a cover that had a plate of spaghetti. 'Well, now why haven't I done a little meatball boy with a swirl of spaghetti on his head?' I know now. Spaghetti and meatballs are hard.

So I present a little sample of where I started, a video of my progress and where it all ended up. Enjoy :)

I wanted to get specific photo reference for this one so I made up a little batch of meatballs and spaghetti to play around with. A few toothpicks, some strategically placed sauce and about 30 photos later I came up with the first photo. Then on to Photoshop to get the details finalized along with an appropriate background and shadows.

With that done, I printed out a version that was sized to my plaque, traced it and then began to paint.

The finished piece, with some closeups below. The fat reflections on the top of his head are my favorite.

It always amazes me that I have no idea what I'm doing or how I go about painting - I hope for the best and it just happens. Thank goodness it worked out once again ;)

Art Amsterdam 2010

I was asked to participate in this year's Art Amsterdam 2010 by artKitchen gallery. Their theme is food and they are putting together a book to accompany the show. "Captain Kawaii" was selected for the book and below is the first of what I hope will be four total pieces I will have at the show.

"Slice and Dice" 15.5" x 9" acrylic on custom wood plaque.

 Since things have been a bit difficult on both myself and Ed, we decided that it was time for a short vacation. We've never been to Amsterdam (or the whole of Europe for that matter) and will be flying in the last day of the show. Enjoy.