Rat Kings and Cutaneous Horns

Flier bsmall

***Update: Click here for purchase information about this painting***

Hello everyone! As you can see above, I'm taking part in what is surely going to be one kick butt group show. I mean, seriously, look at that line up. We're talking some major artists here and my insecurities are definitely flaring up. The good folks at Glitch Gallery decided that my painting entitled, "Rattenkonig" should grace the back of the fliers. How about that?
My lovely ode to the glorious Rat King is acrylic on maple and measures 5" x 12.75". I've also created a small run of prints that will be available for the show.
If you're unable to attend the opening, the show will be placed online at the same time. No worries!


I'm also happy to announce my next showcase at Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia opens July 20th. I've entitled it "Cutaneous Horns" and just couldn't resist sticking more things on creatures heads. This was a fun bunch to work on! Above you can see a snippet of "Poppy" and "Oasis" below. Both will be available along with three other brand new paintings. If you're interested in the online preview (and a chance to buy these guys before anyone else) simply go to Auguste Clown and subscribe to their mailing list - easy!

As always, I hope my creations have put smiles on your gorgeous faces (what? you're not gorgeous?). Best of luck if you've been looking for an original and thanks for everything!




I am really excited to be taking part in MF Gallery's 10th Anniversary Show opening June 8th. First because I've always wanted to show with them, second because it's in Brooklyn and I'm actually thinking about venturing beyond my property to go and third (and mostly) because my husband will also be showing his new work.

My piece is "Sven", he measures a diminutive 5.5" x 5" (slightly smaller than a real rat) and will be priced, like all the other artwork for the show, at a very reasonable $100.

My husband's piece is under his new moniker, GH-05-T and is called "Insomnia". It measures 11.25" x 14.75" and has glow in the dark eyes!