I've been back from my trip to Australia for just about a week and am only now getting my head together. I think I saved up my jet lag for coming home ;) It was an amazing trip and Ed and I loved everything about it. From the warmth of our hosts (August Clown Gallery) to all the wonderful people that came out to the opening of my Foresta show to the city of Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road. It's hard to put into words what we saw so here's some of my favorite photos.

I hope you enjoy my little slide show! Thanks for looking everyone :D

Super-Sale and Retirement

I put five new prints up in my shop

"Frou-Frou", "My Poor Meatball", "Le Tigre", "Slice and Dice" and "Poison Claw"

and decided that some of my older images needed a rest. After March 8th I will retire 12 of my prints and have taken $15 off each of them.

So why not treat yourself to some new artwork - you deserve it :D


New Stuff for Small Stuff 4

Just finished up the third piece I'm going to have in Bear and Bird Gallery's Small Stuff 4 show starting November 21st. I was super excited to get the email from Amanda asking me to participate. I just wish I was able to go to the opening :( Oh well, maybe some of you can go for me. :)

"Ole Roastie Chesternut" 5x5 acrylic on wood plaque

"Poison Claw" 6.75 x 6.75 acrylic on wood plaque

"Rad" 5 x 7 acrylic on wood plaque

Also wanted to let everyone know that I decided to make a handful of some new mounted prints. "Pimento Mori", "Nutty" and "L'amour or Less" are now in the shop :D