Spring Sale and New Mounted Prints

I just did some spring cleaning in my shop - gave it a new look and added quite a few brand new mounted plaques.

Take a look around and if you happen to see something you like, use the code SPRINGSALE when you check out for 15% off. That code will be good until May 31st.

Have a great weekend everyone and have fun shopping!

PS if an item sells out, don't worry, we'll make more :)

Thanks for looking,

Shop Is FULL

I just put a ton of new items in my shop (ten to be exact) including a 17" print of "Bunga Bangkai", all four critters from the 'I'm Not Hungry' series mounted on plaques as well as the flower duo, "Augustus Crocus" and "Master Galanthus".

I also spotted a couple of older images of mine that I never mounted before and thought they might make someone happy :) I present "Scratch" and "Mommy's Little Prince". Also in the 'older image' file but with a twist, I decided to make "Uni Yeti Snow" but with a white border. It's glossy and bright and it really does look great!

What? Ten new prints just aren't enough for you? Well I've got one more and it's exlcusive to Gallery Nucleus..."Good Rocky's Revival".


There - that's it! Grab a lemonade and go shopping - I guarantee there's got to be something that will make you smile :)

As always, thanks for looking and keeping me painting!



November Happenings

I'm so happy to be a super small part of two events this month.

First is Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery's Small Stuff 5 show, set to open the 20th. It's a lovely Sunday brunch opening with affordably priced artwork. I saw a chance to do something just a bit different and thus keep in line with 'affordably priced'. I had three of these blocks in my drawer and Ed suggested (honestly, what would I do without that man?) I just paint heads. That lead to primary colors which lead to bears which lead to what you see here. "Cinnamon Bear", "California Golden Bear" and "Tibetan Blue Bear" all measure around 5.5" x 3.75" and will be $75 a piece. Since it's a cash and carry event I'd suggest getting out of bed that particular Sunday (if you're in Florida) and getting some early shopping done.

That same weekend is the Holiday Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia. It's put on by none other than the great gals, Erin and Megan, at Art Star Gallery & Boutique. They've done the show in the springtime, but this is their first holiday event and starts off with a bang Friday November 18th with their V.I.P preview party. This will include snacks, drinks, live music by Olive Juice, a free Art Star Craft Bazaar Tote Bag, Photobooth Fun w/ Love Me Do Photograpy,+ first dibs on all of the amazing work!

I'm not an official vendor, but since they carry my work in their shop, they're bringing along a collection to the show as well. Since it's fairly close to our home, Ed and I will be leaving the comforts of our wooded lair to attend the party and mingle with other people. Insanity!

Hopefully some of you will be able to attend at least one of these great events and see/buy some wonderful art for the holidays! Enjoy xoxo

Summer Sale!

I just updated my shop with not only the new "No S'more" and "Mr. McPrickles" mounted prints but a sale as well!

A couple of prints are going into retirement and that means limited quantities, $10 each and I won't make anymore after August 25th :D There's also a bunch more on sale for $10 off the regular price.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Thanks again and have fun shopping :D

Super-Sale and Retirement

I put five new prints up in my shop

"Frou-Frou", "My Poor Meatball", "Le Tigre", "Slice and Dice" and "Poison Claw"

and decided that some of my older images needed a rest. After March 8th I will retire 12 of my prints and have taken $15 off each of them.

So why not treat yourself to some new artwork - you deserve it :D


Taking A Break

Ed and I have been working feverishly on putting together and trying to learn our new computers and software for our animation/ink and paint business. It's been...let's say, trying. We know that it's going to be a great help for us but we have quite the learning curve ahead of us. We decided to take brain breaks and do our own artwork.

I doodled up this little guy...

and started painting him up yesterday afternoon...

I apologize that my work is not as morbid or complex as of late, but I needed something simple to work on :) I also found a few of these custom plaques that my dad had made and completely forgot about. I think the shape is working out well with Skunky.

This Is A Lucky Cat...

In the mail a couple days ago, we got our copy of Flash Magazine. Flipping through, I noticed this little guy:

Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat. I completely do not remember doing it, but Ed assured me that I did in fact do this particular illo. After looking around on my computer I found the reference, and bits and pieces began to filter back to me about it. Since I haven't posted anything art-wise here in a looooong time, I thought I'd give it a shot over on my Facebook page. So far it's gotten the most response of anything I've ever posted. Maybe everyone is just being nice to me but I do get the feeling that they really do genuinely like this little guy. So I went ahead and put up a pre-order page in the shop for prints of him. I'm waiting on a delivery of paper and I'm set to go away for four days (Jan 9 - 12) so it just made sense to put it up ahead of time so I can get an idea of how many of these I have to pump out when I get back from vacation.

Perhaps you've got a soft spot for Maneki Neko as well, or just want to see some close-ups of what the print will look like, so feel free to click on the pic above to go to the shop. I'm so happy that something I don't even remember doing is being so well received - thank you all :D

Thinking Ahead...

I hope everyone (who celebrates) had a great Christmas yesterday! I had a wonderful couple of days with my family and dogs and am now settled in with my new iPod staring out at the blizzard that's just starting to blow outside. They're predicting 40mph winds and up to 16 inches of snow! So happy we went out and bought a snow blower a couple weeks ago :)

Of course I can't just relax and watch new dvds and look at the pretty lit up Christmas tree against the snowy window. No. I have to start thinking ahead. To Valentine's Day.

I know, I know, YOU guys just want to relax and that's totally cool. But I kinda thought some of you might like to know what I've decided to do for Valentine's Day this year. Last year I released the limited edition mounted prints of "Kokoro" which sold out. And many of you have been emailing me about making more, which I can't, because a limited edition is a limited edition.

But I decided that I COULD make an open edition of an 8 x 10 giclee print of "Kokoro" and hopefully make a whole bunch of people happy in the process!  That's worth a little prep a few weeks in advance, isn't it? And I thought I'd try something else new and put them up for pre-order in my shop right now. This way you're guaranteed a copy will be ready to ship to you January 17th, you've got a jump on your Valentine's Day shopping and I get an idea of how many prints to make! Sound good?

So click on the photo below to go to the shop and have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year! I can't thank you all enough for your support and kind words over the past year -- I have the best fans!