Mutual Admiration

Ed found a tiger moth on our front steps a few weeks ago.

Further research uncovered how unbelievably ornate and fuzzy these moths can be.

(please forgive me, I couldn't find where the above image was from. If you know, I will gladly give credit.)

Ed suggested a moth staring at a light bulb and then it hit me...a lightning bug!

"Mutual Admiration" was born. 7" x 7" acryic on beveled pine plaque.

Mr. McPrickles

Meet "Mr. McPrickles", my latest piece

He was accepted into Gallery Nucleus' Power In Numbers project and will go on sale this Saturday, April 23rd. He measures 5" x 7" (like all the PIN pieces) and will be $100. My proceeds from the sale will go to UNICEF. A portion of every sale, and they are priced at either $50 or $100, goes to benefit the artist's chosen charity.

AND once the piece is sold a button will go up under it saying 'Print Request'. If enough people request a print, Gallery Nucleus will go ahead and do a print run :)

It's a great project and there's tons of great work at very affordable prices. I'm honored to be included.


Hey everybody! Finally shipped off my two pieces for the Meth & Hot Dogs 2 show at Lift Gallery opening April 30th, 2011.

I present "It's A Trap" on the right and "Daffadown Dilly" on the left. Both measure 3.5" x 24" :D

A Smelly Little Friend

I started painting this guy 5 weeks ago - how time flies! We've been working at our real business and now that there's a little breathing room I thought I'd debut, "Smell You Later"

My dad graciously made the wood plaque for him and I think it came out great.

I agonized over how the shading looked. I tend to stare at the details of my work with my nose an inch away from the plaque. Inevitably, it never looks smooth enough for me, or one paint stroke will be out of place. Then I'll hear, "Step away from the painting, Kris". Right, step away and from a fresh perspective at a resonable distance, say, six inches or so, I guess it doesn't look too bad.

I'm thinking he'll go up for sale Wednesday, March 9th, the day after the retirement sale is over. I will return with a definite time :D

And as an aside, I just wanted to thank everyone out there whose supporting me, and making me feel a little less self-conscious about my work. I have a feeling that as an artist that's just part of the package though and we may never be truly satisfied with our own work. However, it makes the day a heck of a lot brighter knowing that there are so many other people out there who do like it :D

"Le Tigre"

I finished up this guy last week and he's all sealed and ready to go. I'm fairly happy with the results, as I haven't painted anything in months (and gotten my head zapped so who knew if I would remember what to do!).

He'll go up for sale tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th at 12pm EST in the shop. Enjoy and good luck!