I'm sure everyone is familiar with my husband, Ed Mironiuk. He's been the illustrator for Tattoo Magazine for 20 years, pinup artist extraordinaire and all around great guy.

I love him.

He's starting a new artistic adventure, far from the tattoos and pinups you may be familiar with and although he originally wanted to stay anonymous, he's decided to come out of his cocoon with it.

He'll be working under the name GH-05-T and I proudly present a selection of his works --  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.






Mr. McPrickles

Meet "Mr. McPrickles", my latest piece

He was accepted into Gallery Nucleus' Power In Numbers project and will go on sale this Saturday, April 23rd. He measures 5" x 7" (like all the PIN pieces) and will be $100. My proceeds from the sale will go to UNICEF. A portion of every sale, and they are priced at either $50 or $100, goes to benefit the artist's chosen charity.

AND once the piece is sold a button will go up under it saying 'Print Request'. If enough people request a print, Gallery Nucleus will go ahead and do a print run :)

It's a great project and there's tons of great work at very affordable prices. I'm honored to be included.