This Is A Lucky Cat...

In the mail a couple days ago, we got our copy of Flash Magazine. Flipping through, I noticed this little guy:

Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat. I completely do not remember doing it, but Ed assured me that I did in fact do this particular illo. After looking around on my computer I found the reference, and bits and pieces began to filter back to me about it. Since I haven't posted anything art-wise here in a looooong time, I thought I'd give it a shot over on my Facebook page. So far it's gotten the most response of anything I've ever posted. Maybe everyone is just being nice to me but I do get the feeling that they really do genuinely like this little guy. So I went ahead and put up a pre-order page in the shop for prints of him. I'm waiting on a delivery of paper and I'm set to go away for four days (Jan 9 - 12) so it just made sense to put it up ahead of time so I can get an idea of how many of these I have to pump out when I get back from vacation.

Perhaps you've got a soft spot for Maneki Neko as well, or just want to see some close-ups of what the print will look like, so feel free to click on the pic above to go to the shop. I'm so happy that something I don't even remember doing is being so well received - thank you all :D