Sanrio 50th

This week is Sario's big 50th anniversary celebration at Small Gift LA. There's an amazing art show as well which includes work from Eric Joyner, Nouar, Gary Baseman and Joe Ledbetter to name just a few of the 50 artists involved.  It reminded me of two commissions that I did last year and never posted.

"Hello Candy" acrylic on wood

"My Sweet Melody" acrylic on wood

Maybe if I keep at this art thing I might get invited to the 75th anniversary ;)


Even up until last week this probably would have freaked me out. But then again, even going to sleep at night freaks me out (damn my brain). However, today, it inspires me. So I thought I would share. Haven't played it, but the whole atmosphere of it is amazing. Totally reminded me of Silent Hill combined with Little Big Planet. What a great job, kudos PlayDead.