4 Brand New Paintings for WonderGround Gallery!

Hi everyone!
I am headed back to WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney (CA) with 4 brand new paintings. I chose some of my favorite characters -- Stitch (of course!), Dumbo, Gus & Jaq and, get ready...Chewbacca!!! I couldn't be more excited for this batch of pieces. I'll be signing on September 19th from 3-5pm along with Jerrod Maruyama and John Coulter. Hope you can make it - I can't wait to see all of you.

For purchase inquiries, feel free to contact Disney Merchandise Guest Services number at 877-560-6477 on/after September 19th. Simply ask for Kristin Tercek artwork and they will happily tell you what is available. Thanks!

"Ono Hau"

"So This is Love"

"Dumbo the Great"


Bad Robots and Wookies

If you haven't heard yet, I've got two sweet new prints available.

First is my Bad Robot/LOST inspired piece, "9.22.04 #815" that is a signed and numbered edition of 35 for $35 bucks! Available over at Gallery 1988.

Second is my "Kaapauku Life Day Portrait", available as a signed and dated 9" x 12" print for only $30 in my own shop!

Decisions, decisions...which to choose? Bad Robots or Wookies? Or maybe you should just get both!


A Saga in the Stars

***Update: due to the amazing response to this piece, I decided to make 9" x 12" prints available in my shop. Can't thank everyone enough - enjoy!***

If you haven't looked at your calendar recently then you may not know that this Saturday is May the 4th. There are a lot of Star Wars tribute shows to choose from but here's two that I'm particularly fond of.

First is A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far, Far Away presented by Gallery Nucleus. This is another monster of a show-

I was asked not to preview my piece until the show opened but the gallery has it on their website :D If you want first dibs on the artwork (before the opening) then simply sign up for the preview list here.

This is a large piece for me (15" x 11.25") and I really wanted to make a statement since Star Wars shaped the course of my life. I present "Kaapauku Life Day Portrait" with Chewie and his family, Lumpy, Itchy and Malla (anyone see the Star Wars Holiday Special?).

I hope this piece makes everyone smile because it was so much fun to paint!

The other Star Wars I wanted to mention is G999-2: The Haunted Mansion Meets Star Wars presented by Gallery 999, during Bats Day in Anaheim. I was asked to take part in this by the awesome Noak K but I just couldn't swing it with my schedule. But c'mon...Haunted Mansion AND Star Wars? Pure gold :) My hubby is participating and has such a cool piece but once again, it's hush, hush on previews (for real this time). But you can visit Gallery 999's website and get all the details here:

May the 4th be with all of us!

Have fun :D