A Saga in the Stars

***Update: due to the amazing response to this piece, I decided to make 9" x 12" prints available in my shop. Can't thank everyone enough - enjoy!***

If you haven't looked at your calendar recently then you may not know that this Saturday is May the 4th. There are a lot of Star Wars tribute shows to choose from but here's two that I'm particularly fond of.

First is A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far, Far Away presented by Gallery Nucleus. This is another monster of a show-

I was asked not to preview my piece until the show opened but the gallery has it on their website :D If you want first dibs on the artwork (before the opening) then simply sign up for the preview list here.

This is a large piece for me (15" x 11.25") and I really wanted to make a statement since Star Wars shaped the course of my life. I present "Kaapauku Life Day Portrait" with Chewie and his family, Lumpy, Itchy and Malla (anyone see the Star Wars Holiday Special?).

I hope this piece makes everyone smile because it was so much fun to paint!

The other Star Wars I wanted to mention is G999-2: The Haunted Mansion Meets Star Wars presented by Gallery 999, during Bats Day in Anaheim. I was asked to take part in this by the awesome Noak K but I just couldn't swing it with my schedule. But c'mon...Haunted Mansion AND Star Wars? Pure gold :) My hubby is participating and has such a cool piece but once again, it's hush, hush on previews (for real this time). But you can visit Gallery 999's website and get all the details here:

May the 4th be with all of us!

Have fun :D