4 Brand New Paintings for WonderGround Gallery!

Hi everyone!
I am headed back to WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney (CA) with 4 brand new paintings. I chose some of my favorite characters -- Stitch (of course!), Dumbo, Gus & Jaq and, get ready...Chewbacca!!! I couldn't be more excited for this batch of pieces. I'll be signing on September 19th from 3-5pm along with Jerrod Maruyama and John Coulter. Hope you can make it - I can't wait to see all of you.

For purchase inquiries, feel free to contact Disney Merchandise Guest Services number at 877-560-6477 on/after September 19th. Simply ask for Kristin Tercek artwork and they will happily tell you what is available. Thanks!

"Ono Hau"

"So This is Love"

"Dumbo the Great"


WonderGround Gallery in WDW!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be having a 2 day signing at the brand new WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World® Resort! This Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th I'll be at WonderGround in the Marketplace Co-Op from 5pm - 8pm each day, signing prints and merchandise (along with doodling, chatting about Disney, taking pictures and giving out hugs).

I can't wait! Hope to see you there! Thanks everyone :)

WonderGround Gallery Signing Event!

I am so happy to be heading back to WonderGround Gallery this Saturday to sign prints for three brand new pieces! I was asked to created paintings based on Chip and Dale (wonderful), angry Donald Duck (brilliant) and of course, what's becoming my go-to character of choice, Stitch (yayyyy!).

The most difficult part of creating these is coming up with a fresh, yet familiar situation for these iconic characters. As usual, this began by brainstorming with Ed for a few days, throwing ideas at each other in hopes that it will spark something fun. I also started to think of all the fun trips we used to take to Walt Disney World in Orlando and our favorite resorts there.

Then it hit me! Why not base each painting on a resort we've stayed at over the years? Brilliant!

So I started at The Wilderness Lodge for Chip and Dale and thought about the amazing breakfasts we used to eat before heading into the parks. Thus, "Chip and Dale's Balanced Breakfast" was born.

Then I moved onto Disney's Boardwalk Inn and how lovely it was to walk along the boardwalk during midday, listening to the waves lapping against the shoreline and the toot toot from the boats heading into Epcot. Then I imagined how Donald Duck would react to a walk along the beach and who he might encounter. Thus, "Crabby Donald" was born.

And last, but not least, was the Polynesian. Heading back home to this resort after a 'tough' day at the parks was always so comforting. Warm, tropical breezes, the soft strumming of a ukelele and a cozy bed to rest your head on. "Stitch Serenade" was born.

I will be signing alongside Joey Chou, Brian Crosby, Eunjung June Kim and Lyla Warren

from 11am till 1pm on November 15th at WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District, Ananheim, CA. For more information you can click here.

For purchase inquiries, feel free to contact Disney Merchandise Guest Services number at 877-560-6477 on/after November 15th.

New Stitch For WonderGround Gallery

I'm having a hard time processing what next weekend will entail. My first full gallery solo with Gallery 1988 and the very next day I'll be back signing at WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney.


How did this happen - to me? I've got a serious dose of imposter syndrome so I'm just waiting for someone to tap me on the back and say, 'We made a mistake - please leave.'

But before that happens, I'll show off my latest Stitch painting for WonderGround Gallery, "Stitch in Space" (can't help but yell it everytime I say it):

I always loved that scene in "Lilo and Stitch" when they're outside the grocery store. What if Stitch got in that Space Adventure ride and it really took off? I kept the background loose like a children's drawing to help emphasize that this is taking place in Stitch's imagination while rendering the ship and Stitch fully. I really had a blast with this one (pardon the pun).

This piece is 18" x 18" acrylic on cradled maple panel

For WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, CA. Part of the artist showcase March 1st with the super talented Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Noah, Gregg Visintainer and me! I'll be there signing from 11am till 1pm - so if you can't make it to my solo opening the night before at Gallery 1988 c'mon down to Disneyland and say hello!

WonderGround Artwork Available

Hi everyone!

I just got back from my whirlwind trip to California and had a wonderful time meeting up with galleries and artists (my head is still spinning - or that could be the red eye we took back to NJ). The topper was walking to WonderGround Gallery thinking I would be saying goodbye to my 15ft Oswald banner, only to see my Stitch with his 3 ft tongue sticking out greeting everyone who passed by Downtown Disney.

It once again brought tears to my eyes thinking of how many people will look up at that tongue every day :D

The next morning was the signing and I got to meet so many kind people. Sitting at home, quietly painting every day I lose sight of all the people that my work will touch in the future. On Saturday I got a great big dose of happy that I'm going to stow away to remind me that I'm putting smiles on people's faces. 






 I also had the great pleasure of meeting the other artists I was signing alongside like Jeff Granito, Jeremiah Ketner, Daniel Samakow and Noah.

Speaking of Noah - that's him and I to the right after I found out he purchased my "Oh, Mr. Rabbit" painting for his daughter. Such a thrill when an amazing artist loves my work!

I love being able to talk shop with other people and hear how they created a piece while standing next to the actual piece. Watching them sketch...well, I guess I'm a big art fan just like anybody else! I was also super excited that Rich Kuoch aka PodgyPanda was attending the show and finally got to meet him in person as well. If you're not familiar with these artists I urge you to take a look at the wonderful art they create - you won't be disappointed!

          Even though the original of "Oh, Mr. Rabbit" sold they created these amazing matted prints of him (with a beautiful gold insert). They also have deluxe matted prints of Stitch (with a great rattan texture double matte) and Mickey and Minnie too!

                                                                                               You can also purchase post cards, acrylic magnets and a stretched canvas print of Stitch.

As of Sunday evening, the original paintings of Stitch ("Alelo") and Mickey and Minnie ("S.W.A.K") were still available. You can either call 714-300-7004 – that is WonderGround's sister shop Vault 28 - and place an order over the phone or call Disney Merchandise Guest Services number at 877-560-6477 or e-mail them at merchandiseguestservices@disney.go.com for these paintings, prints and other merchandise.

Once again, I feel so honored to have been a part of this amazing show and to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I'll leave you with a photo from my ride on the Disneyland Railroad.

Pop Fusion Works Revealed!

I got the go ahead to show off my latest paintings for the new Pop Fusion Exhibit at WonderGround Gallery. So here they are!

First up, is "S.W.A.K" (acrylic on cradled wood panel, 18" x 12" x 2") I know, it's not what you're used to seeing from me, but I do have soft, squishy side and when I think of Mickey and Minnie I can't help but show it a bit.

Next is "Oh, Mr. Rabbit" (acrylic on 16" round maple panel):

I had a blast working this one. "Alice in Wonderland" is not only one of my top Disney films, but one of my favorite Disney rides. In fact, the idea for this piece came to me while standing in line for the ride. I thought it would be wonderful to see the White Rabbit in his pink home, relaxed and cozy in his favorite rocking chair.

And last but not least is "Alelo" (acrylic on cradled maple panel, 18" x 14" x 1.5"):

While researching some Hawaiian phrases for my last Stitch piece I saw that alelo meant tongue. Instantly an image of Stitch with his tongue sticking out came to mind. I sketched him up on a post-it note and sent it along to WonderGround as a little joke. They couldn't stop laughing and well, here's what I get for making jokes!

People have been inquiring if they can purchase prints or merchandise without going to the gallery and the answer is: Yes! You can call 714-300-7004 – that is WonderGround's sister shop Vault 28 - and place an order over the phone.

Once again, I'm humbled by all this and get a knot in my throat when I think about it. And no - I'm not crying again, I just have something in my eye.

Come visit me on July 13th at Downtown Disney where I'll be signing and doodling for everyone that stops by.

Thanks everyone!

Pop Fusion Exhibit at WonderGround Gallery

What are you doing July 13th? Going to be near the Downtown Disney® District at Disneyland in CA? Well then you have to stop by and say hello!

I have the honor to be showing 3 new paintings for their latest Pop Fusion Exhibit at WonderGround Gallery. Although I'm not able to show off what I did just yet, I am able to say that I will be signing outside the gallery from 10am till 12 noon alongside Jeff Granito, Jeremiah Ketner, Noah and Daniel Samakow.

Can't wait to see you there!


I just got back from California and I'm trying to wrap my brain around what just happened. Let me walk you through my day Saturday.

Ed and I woke up to this beautiful view and an absolutely clear, blue California sky. I was feeling really good and oddly, not too nervous. We began to walk over to the Grand Californian where we were to meet our escort to the gallery.

As we walked under the Disneyland sign and were surrounded by guests wearing Mickey Mouse ears (and Oswald ears too!) I began to get a little knot in my chest.

Passing under some spectacular banners for California Adventure and again, that beautiful blue sky shining down upon us.

The entrance to Downtown Disney was straight ahead and I began to realize that we were going to pass right by the WonderGround Gallery on our way to the hotel. Deep breathing commenced.

We turned the corner and there was the gallery with those huge banners hanging in the entrance. And yes, there was my Oswald, smiling down on me. Crying commenced.

I composed myself and we continued on to the hotel where we met up with J. Scott Campbell and Miss Mindy. They were so kind and welcoming, I began to wonder why I had been so nervous before!

But when I got to my table, I admit I was nervous again. Then I took a deep breath and looked up at that brilliant sky as "Feliz Navidad" (my favorite Christmas song) began to play on the loud speakers and I took it all in. This was going to be a very good day :D

The Ambassadors for the event kept everything very mellow and the guests were so nice. I always love meeting the people that my artwork is making happy. Mike Stilkey's stunning painted book sculpturesMany thanks also to Mike Stilkey and Miss Mindy who sat on either side of me and made me laugh. Miss Mindy's amazing sculptures!I also had the pleasure of meeting Noah. He actually bought one of my prints and handed it to me to draw all over the matte for him. That wonderful gesture helped focus me and gave me that little boost I needed to keep going.

Some merchandise placed right next to Jerrod Maruyama's great work.

An overview of the gallery - you can also see the wide screen monitors that were displaying the artists' photos and work. It was also a great pleasure to sit down and talk with Stephanie Buscema and her husband at lunch along with meeting Nei Ruffino, Michelle Romo, Martin Hsu, Jackie Huang, Ming Ong and Sean Chao. All amazing artists and such nice people!

"A Swingin' Time" acrylic on wood "626" acrylic on wood -- SOLD















"Flowers and Thorns" custom 3" Vinylmation (my first!) -- SOLD

It truly was a magical day and I can't thank the good people at WonderGround Gallery and everyone who came out to the signing enough. To view the artwork from the show, please visit the WonderGround Gallery website.

I can only hope that I get to do it again some day :)


Sneak Peeks for WonderGround Gallery

Hi everyone - just got the OK to show teasers of all four of my pieces that will be at WonderGround Gallery on Saturday (Dec 15th). I'm pretty sure you'll notice some other favorite Disney characters that I had the pleasure of working with :) Can't wait for Saturday!

WonderGround Gallery

I am honestly at a  loss for words for this next art show that I'm a part of. For anyone who knows me, Disney has been a huge part of my life. From some of my earliest memories watching The Wonderful World of Disney and my first trip (by train) to Disneyworld in Florida with my family to my wedding and reception behind Cinderella's Castle to visiting Tokyo Disneyland mulitple times. Not to mention all the movies and collectables, oh and that amazing 10th wedding anniversary lunch at Club 33! Like I said, I'm a huge fan of all things Disney.

So when I got the email about the possibility of doing some artwork for the new WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, CA, I started crying. Me? I was floored.

I accepted and was given several characters to work with. Then it hit me - how the heck am I going to live up to all the great artists and artwork that Disney has produced? What could I possibly do to pay tribute to these characters?

I worried for a bit then decided to keep it sweet and simple and hoped that I could do these lifelong 'friends' justice.

In the midst of losing power for a week from Hurricane Sandy, and then another round of power outages from the nor'easter that dumped a foot of heavy wet snow just a week later, I was trying to get my artwork done. I just kept looking ahead to the day when I could share it with all of you.

I've been waiting for the OK from Disney to announce the show and signing and low and behold, on my internet rounds this morning, I saw my Oswald piece on one of my favorite sites, Super Punch. He linked to the Disney Parks blog where they finally spilled the beans on the Good vs. Evil show, opening December 15th with signings in the morning from 9am to 11am featuring the amazingly talented J. Scott Campbell, Miss Mindy, Nei, Noah, Mike Stilkey, Sean Chao and Kristin Tercek (that's me!). Then in the 1pm - 3pm signing (which I will have to go back for since I really want to meet all of these artists) there's Stephanie Buscema, Martin Hsu, Jacki Huang, Jerrod Maruyama, Ming Ong and Michelle Romo. These artists are some of my all time favorites and I've been quietly following them for years. Now I have the amazing opportunity to show alongside them.

I am humbled, honored and nervous as all heck! So many, many thanks to the people at WonderGround Gallery who found me and decided I might be a good fit. And to all my SoCal fans, it would be a real treat (and help me not be so nervous) if you came out to visit with me on the morning of December 15th at WonderGround Gallery. In Downtown Disney. In the Disneyland Resort.

What a magical year this has been! 

This is just one of the pieces I did for the show and it features one of my favorite characters, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: "Multitasking" acrylic on wood 11.5" x 9.25". All of the original artwork and merchandise associated with this show will be available exclusively at WonderGround Gallery