Once again...

I love my husband. He's amazing. He puts up with me. He loves me. We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary (we got married at DisneyWorld)

and I honestly love him more today than the day I married him, which, frankly, seems impossible that my heart is capable of that much love (in a good way!).

Last year Ed got Papper Och Penna to design my name just for him:

So he could have it tattooed on the back of his noggin'.

So why not take a look at my husband. He's funny, writes about cool things and draws like a m*tha-f* --Shut your mouth!




The Love of My Life

is Ed Mironiuk. Why should you care? Well I guess it doesn't really matter, but it makes me smile every damn day. HE makes me smile every damn day. He gets me laughing so hard with some quick comment that I can't breathe. He inspires me and loves me and makese me keep on going when things look pretty damn bleek.

And he's an amazing artist. I'm very proud of him and everything he does and I would, if financially viable, watch him work all day.

He's just gotten his website updated and all pretty and I thought I'd introduce you guys.

The Art of Ed Mironiuk