Beauty/Terror in Nature

I was wandering the webs this morning and followed a trail of scientific photographs to "We Come From the Future". At first I was going to post this amazing pic from their posting "The Microscopic Beauty of Photography's Smallest Subjects":

Atherix ibis (fly) aquatic larva (25x) which was part of the Nikon Small World contest. Cool, creepy, beautiful. Once again, I assert that nature is a better artist than any of us.

But then I perused the postings from yesterday and saw this horror-movie-oh-no-it's-really-happening-shit:

Scientists Rewrite Flies' Memories, Bring the Dollhouse Closer

What the f*ck?! You're telling me that scientists are screwing around with the brains of flies and changing their memories?! Yes. You're seriously saying that they used lasers to etch new memories into the brains of flies and made them react differently to a specific odor that previously they had no reaction to?! Yes.

This is crazy-cool-mad science-I'm frightened-the apocolypse is coming-do we have enough aluminum foil to cover our heads-time people. I am one inch closer to moving out into a cave and giving it all up because SCIENTISTS ARE FUCKING AROUND WITH CRAZY SHIT AND I WANT NO PART OF IT.

But, damn, it's so cool ;-)