I just got back from California and I'm trying to wrap my brain around what just happened. Let me walk you through my day Saturday.

Ed and I woke up to this beautiful view and an absolutely clear, blue California sky. I was feeling really good and oddly, not too nervous. We began to walk over to the Grand Californian where we were to meet our escort to the gallery.

As we walked under the Disneyland sign and were surrounded by guests wearing Mickey Mouse ears (and Oswald ears too!) I began to get a little knot in my chest.

Passing under some spectacular banners for California Adventure and again, that beautiful blue sky shining down upon us.

The entrance to Downtown Disney was straight ahead and I began to realize that we were going to pass right by the WonderGround Gallery on our way to the hotel. Deep breathing commenced.

We turned the corner and there was the gallery with those huge banners hanging in the entrance. And yes, there was my Oswald, smiling down on me. Crying commenced.

I composed myself and we continued on to the hotel where we met up with J. Scott Campbell and Miss Mindy. They were so kind and welcoming, I began to wonder why I had been so nervous before!

But when I got to my table, I admit I was nervous again. Then I took a deep breath and looked up at that brilliant sky as "Feliz Navidad" (my favorite Christmas song) began to play on the loud speakers and I took it all in. This was going to be a very good day :D

The Ambassadors for the event kept everything very mellow and the guests were so nice. I always love meeting the people that my artwork is making happy. Mike Stilkey's stunning painted book sculpturesMany thanks also to Mike Stilkey and Miss Mindy who sat on either side of me and made me laugh. Miss Mindy's amazing sculptures!I also had the pleasure of meeting Noah. He actually bought one of my prints and handed it to me to draw all over the matte for him. That wonderful gesture helped focus me and gave me that little boost I needed to keep going.

Some merchandise placed right next to Jerrod Maruyama's great work.

An overview of the gallery - you can also see the wide screen monitors that were displaying the artists' photos and work. It was also a great pleasure to sit down and talk with Stephanie Buscema and her husband at lunch along with meeting Nei Ruffino, Michelle Romo, Martin Hsu, Jackie Huang, Ming Ong and Sean Chao. All amazing artists and such nice people!

"A Swingin' Time" acrylic on wood "626" acrylic on wood -- SOLD















"Flowers and Thorns" custom 3" Vinylmation (my first!) -- SOLD

It truly was a magical day and I can't thank the good people at WonderGround Gallery and everyone who came out to the signing enough. To view the artwork from the show, please visit the WonderGround Gallery website.

I can only hope that I get to do it again some day :)


Sneak Peeks for WonderGround Gallery

Hi everyone - just got the OK to show teasers of all four of my pieces that will be at WonderGround Gallery on Saturday (Dec 15th). I'm pretty sure you'll notice some other favorite Disney characters that I had the pleasure of working with :) Can't wait for Saturday!