Thomas Doyle Is Kinda Like God

and his latest work just proves my point. At least I think so.

Firing for effect
Mixed media
44 inches diameter

I can't even begin to describe how in awe I am of this man's work. Just in case you don't get how awesome it is just by the above pic, this is a closeup of the detail within the inner sphere...

Yeah, mull that over for a split second then click on the pics and go to his website to see all the closeups of this piece as well as the rest of his Distillation Series. There's more details that'll blow your little brain. I, for one, am happy to have stumbled across Arrested Motion this morning who happened to be posting about this piece.

The day suddenly seems a bit brighter for it too :)


I <3 Murakami

and yet I am completely jealous of Kirsten Dunst right now. Arrested Motion is a staple for me to check everyday as they seem to be in my brain and know exactly what artists I know/love/collect. I also love that they post videos of artists working which is like crack for me. I could sit and drool and watch it all the time.

Oh right....Murakami and Kirsten Dunst. Seems they did a little film where she dressed up, sang "Turning Japanese" and frollicked through Akihabara. I may just hate her. Because I want to be her. I cannot think of anything more enjoyable than frollicking through Akihabara with Murakami and singing.

and she looks adorable. And she's in Tokyo and I'm not. Well, enjoy. I will go look at my Murakami collection and dream of getting back to Tokyo before the apocolypse.