I <3 Murakami

and yet I am completely jealous of Kirsten Dunst right now. Arrested Motion is a staple for me to check everyday as they seem to be in my brain and know exactly what artists I know/love/collect. I also love that they post videos of artists working which is like crack for me. I could sit and drool and watch it all the time.

Oh right....Murakami and Kirsten Dunst. Seems they did a little film where she dressed up, sang "Turning Japanese" and frollicked through Akihabara. I may just hate her. Because I want to be her. I cannot think of anything more enjoyable than frollicking through Akihabara with Murakami and singing.

and she looks adorable. And she's in Tokyo and I'm not. Well, enjoy. I will go look at my Murakami collection and dream of getting back to Tokyo before the apocolypse.