I was asked by Gallery Nucleus to do a couple paintings for their Not in Kansas Anymore: A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz show that opened last night. I immediately knew I wanted to do my version of a winged monkey. Here's "Nikko and Toto"

Since I never read any of the books when I was a kid (shame on me) and I was sick and running a high fever, I thought I'd take a few days rest and read some of the books. What a delight! I had no idea the world that Baum had created beyond the first book! So many wonderful characters, it quickly became apparent that I had to choose ONE to paint. But I loved so many of them...the Queen of the field mice, King Dox, Jack Pumpkinhead, Eureka.

But Billina, Dorothy's companion on her second trip to Oz, Queen and subsequent Governor of the chickens of Oz was my choice. Especially with my long love of painting chickens!

So here's "Billina" with her pearl and sapphire necklace (for special occasions only) sitting on her silver perch...

So many thanks to Gallery Nucleus for inviting me to do this show and opening up the whole world of Oz for my inspiration. I have a feeling I'm going to be visiting these characters again in the future!

"Nikko and Toto" sold, but there are prints available here.

"Billina" is still available here.