Good Rocky's Revival

May I present, "Good Rocky's Revival" (11.75" x 9.25" acrylic on wood) for All Together Now: A Tribute to The Beatles at Gallery Nucleus, opening July 7th through July 29th. If you click the above link you can sign up for the preview (that means you'll get an early shot at seeing/buying the work from this show!)  I'm also very happy that it's a benefit show with a portion of the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

When I got the email to be a part of this I started thinking about what Beatles song I could use for inspiration. A small voice said, "...rocky raccoon..." and I jumped because Ed was standing close behind me whispering it. Seems that he has taken the place of my failed memory because I've always loved Rocky Raccoon and wow what an absolutely perfect fit for me!

I also decided to do another progress video (over 400 photos) and although I didn't dare use the original song, I stumbled upon AudioSwap at YouTube which allows you to add music from their 'extensive collection' directly to your video. I found a perfect piano rag and this is the result - enjoy!