Roasted Chestnuts

I'm always looking for photo reference for my paintings and always come across websites or items that I've never seen before. While lying awake at 4 am this morning, I decided I should start to set aside these interesting tidbits and share them. Maybe you've never seen them either :D

So for my first reference tidbit, I give you 'roasted chestnuts' via Google Image Search. My top three finds were:

1. Roasted Chestnut Doughnut via A Passion for Food Blog, written by Kathy YL Chan. How could I not love a site with such beautiful food? Besides she just got back from Paris and her first meal at home was Spam, eggs and rice (she's originally from Hawaii). Gotta love it :)

2. Kermit the Frog eating chestnuts in Germany via the Kermit On Tour site created by Conny and Markus. This couple "... try to travel with Kermit as often as possible to show him all the wonderful places around the world." How awesome is that! Their most recent post has them, with Kermit, on Australian television. Yay!!!!

3. Well, this might be a good photo of a chestnut...oh no! That's no chestnut! It's an adorable, little hedgehog via Cute Overload - where else! If you're feeling down, there's always something to perk you up on Cute Overload.

Enjoy :D