Something Old and Something Older

I cleaned and organized my studio/room yesterday and a couple things surfaced that I hadn't seen in quite awhile.

The two Polarity Locket™ sets that Olive Bites Studio had made with my work on them. I just love these lockets - such an original idea and Cat had been generous enough to include an extra cover with "Apple Eye" for the 'Juicy' set and "Mushi" for the 'Make Believe' set on it just for me! So I took some pics and posted them up for sale in my shop. Click on the pics above to be redirected to the listings. And if you haven't checked out Olive Bites Studio, you should, she's got tons of cute things up for sale :D

I also uncovered this little blackberry painting I did in late December 2009. I think I was just on the cusp of getting sick and he got set aside...for a year! So everyone that's been asking me if I have ANY paintings available, I apologize. He's up for sale right now :D