New Print Releases

I'm happy to announce that Gallery Nucleus is now producing "Thank You, Thank You!", "Daffadown Dilly" and "It's a Trap" prints.



"Daffadown Dilly" and "It's a Trap" are $25 each and measure 4.5" x 24". A very affordable pair!


"Thank You, Thank You!" measures 8.5" x 11" and is only $20.


Visit Gallery Nucleus and go shopping!

It's Tasty Being Green

"Thank You, Thank You!" my latest piece, is for Look At This, Look At That: A Tribute to Dr. Seuss opening March 3rd at Gallery Nucleus.

Hopefully everyone isn't too burnt out on seeing another artist interpret "Green Eggs and Ham". But after reading through over a dozen of his books, I just kept coming back to that story and couldn't resist taking a stab at it.

I've been enamored with chickens since childhood, both their looks and taste, and thoroughly enjoyed painting feathers again. I also thought the analogous palette was going to be tough, but I enjoyed using that as well.

If you'd like more information on the show and see all the other amazing people showing, click here. You can also sign up for an exclusive online preview.