"There's Always Room" is back!

I just picked up this painting from it's six month long exhibition and I'm really happy to see it again. I kind of forgot how bright the colors are and how big it is (for me, at least!). I think that it's time for this piece to make someone else happy. It will be available for purchase in my shop on Friday, September 7th at 3pm EDT.

I'm going to be donating 10% of the sale price to the NJ Food Bank as well, so many thanks in advance to whoever may give this piece a loving home.

Green Jell-o Anyone?

My fourth and final show for this month is opening tomorrow (March 30th). It was a lovely surprise when I got the email to participate, but when it came down to it, I had about a week to come up with an idea and execute a work about food.

I went back to my childhood and my love of canned fruit cocktail (yes, I still love canned fruit cocktail) in Jell-o. My mom never used lime Jell-o but I'm a sucker for green!

"There's Always Room" is acrylic on pine and measures 9.5" x 14" and will be at the Food For Thought exhibition at Summit Medical Group in Berkeley Heights , NJ. It's a beautiful space and I suppose I'll be the comic relief as the other artists are doing wonderful, more traditional paintings and photography. 10% of the sale of each piece will go to the NJ  Food Bank.       

So I'll keep you updated and if he doesn't get snatched up at the opening, I'll post him just like any of my originals. But you will have to be patient.

The exhibit will run for 6 months so if anyone purchases these guys, they will have to wait until September to get them. I suppose if you get a doctor's note I might be able to swing it, but I don't think so ;)

I've got some extra space here, so how about a bit of trivia? Did you know that to be considered fruit cocktail, it has to contain pears, peaches, grapes, cherries and pineapple? I didn't either, but now we all know and can pass along this knowledge to others.


Thanks for sticking with me. Here's some more closeups: