Cranberry Sauce

Oh dear lord, Ed just made his cranberry sauce in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, Ed cooks Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I set the table. Yes, he is amazing. I know, I'll be very nice to him.

Oh! Back to the cranberry sauce - sweet jeebus it's delightful! Every year it gets better. And don't ask for the recipe because I don't know it but there's whole cranberries and walnuts and sugar and clementines...

And I ask myself why don't we have this more often? Why can't I have this delicious sauce of fresh berries over vanilla ice cream? Why can't I put a dollop of heavy cream on a bowl of it and savor it as dessert?

I don't know why. But I do know that there's enough that I can sneak a little tonight. And I will. Oh yes, I will :D