Phone Skins and Covers

I am super excited to announce that you can now get a whole range of covers and skins for your phone/computer needs with my work on it at Nuvango. Never heard of them? Well you may know them by their previous name, Gelaskins. You've certainly heard of them, right?

Here's a couple to peak your interest, but there's loads more images to choose from. Take a look and if there's a piece of mine that you just can't live without on your phone that isn't available, let me know and I'll add it.

Have fun shopping!

I'm Not Hungry solo at Gallery 1988!

I am crazy with anticipation waiting for this show. It's been just about ten months since I started this and it's almost here!

As you can see, I'm continuing my I'm Not Hungry theme with 30 brand new paintings. I've got everything from dogs and cats to red pandas and vultures. I'll have limited edition prints available as well as a goodie or two for those that can make the actual opening.

For those that can't, I highly recommend you subscribing to Gallery 1988's newsletter on the front page of their website so you can know the instant the remaining artwork is posted online March 1st.

We're going to keep these guys underwraps until Feb 28th but here's "Meathead" to keep you going.

Ed and I will be flying out for the opening so we would love to see lots of you there!

Many thanks to the great folks at Gallery 1988 for giving me this opportunity and for you all as well - I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for all your support.