Hurry, Hurry

I'm so happy that the sale prints (set to retire on March 8th) are selling out left and right. So far, "Minty Melt", "A Cold Day", "Pink Eye", "Greetings", "Lightning in a Jar", "Bomb Boy", "Deep", "Dandelion" and "Grabby" have sold out!

I wanted to highlight the three prints that are still available (again, they will be retired on March 8th).

"Mulligan" only 2 prints left!

"Princess Persephone" I always loved the review Synergy Magazine gave her, ""Princess Persephone" (2009) is a more complex work. In Greek Mythology Persephone is both the embodiment of fertility and the Queen of the underworld. Here she is shown as an innocent dancing child in a ballerina dress. She has one eye closed (with an X) symbolic of her underworld status and one eye wide open. Her crown is dressed with skulls. She dances on two pomegranates, one of which is cut right through." Because Hades tricked Persephone into eating pomegrante seeds, she was sentenced to live 6 months every year in the case you didn't know :)

And "Jail Break" which also has a little backstory to it. While talking about the economic changes we all went through a couple years ago, friends of ours said that they were 'digging their way out of the prison, one spoonfull at a time'. The image of a little prisoner, out in the yard, casually disposing of his evidence, seemed right on track with how we were (and still are) feeling.

Maybe one of these will catch your eye and at $10 a piece, you shouldn't wait!

Thanks everyone :D