The Angry Pincushion

I just got a lovely little email from Gretchen who writes the Angry Pincushion blog. Seems her mascot, Perry, the angry pincushion, decided he wanted to have green button eyes just like "Cluster Headache". Here's what she wrote:

"I have long admired the artwork of Kristin Tercek of Cuddly Rigor Morits. Her cute yet slightly dark style has me constantly checking her site for her new work. And when Shana Logic sells her prints I squee with delight! One of the prints Shana Logic is currently selling called 'Cluster Headache'-(pictured above, and if you remember I posted about it a couple of weeks ago)- was an instant favorite of mine, for duh reasons. It reminded me so much of my own creation, and fellow tomato pincushion, Perry, that I had to pay homage to the genius of Kristin Tercek with my own interpretation of 'Cluster Headache'. Perry is imitating art in these photos, and he loved it. The photo shoot was done in an old dollhouse of mine, Perry's choice of course, and was a lot of fun!"

How awesome is that? And if you look closely, Gretchen even put the pins and needles and the single green thread on Perry just like the painting.

Many thanks to Gretchen and Perry!

I'm a lucky gal :D