41 Days

I've been quiet but wanted to write a little something about what I've been going through.

My mom has been in the hospital for 41 days and will not return home.

She's dying and it's the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I've temporarily relocated to my parents home, along with Ed and my pup to not only be closer to my mom but help my Dad out in this difficult time.

I go to the hospital early in every morning to sit by her bedside and stay until late at night. She is unresponsive at this point, in no pain and comfortable. It's all we can ask for at this point. I stroke her hand and talk softly to her. The last time she recognized me was the day I came back from my trip to California. She opened her eyes and smiled.

I don't know what else to say at this point other than be kind to those you love and make sure they know you love them. You never know what will happen day to day as my family has experienced.

Thank you for reading and for being so kind to me. I hope that my artwork will continue to bring smiles to your faces very soon.