Bunga Bangkai

I gave you a peek at this a while back: "Bunga Bangkai", 9.25" x 21.5", acrylic on wood. This is my contribution to the Sea No Evil Art Show which benefits the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The show is June 30th at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, Ca and Ed and I will be making the trip out to attend. It's a silent auction (there are talks to open up bidding to phone and online guests too so stay tuned) and there is an amazing list of artists who are donating work this year. It would be wonderful to meet some of my California fans in person so why not stop by! You can bid on some cool art, listen to music and hear Captain Paul Watson (founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) and Captain Peter Hammarstedt and the crew featured on the popular Animal Planet series, “Whale Wars”.

Yes, the show is benefiting an organization that preserves and protects the oceans of the world, but I was struck with inspiration from the rainforest. This piece is based on the Amorphophallus titanum or titan arum or corpse flower ('bunga bangkai' means corpse flower in Indonesian) which can grow to 10 feet tall. When in flower it smells of rotting flesh (even heating up to mimic a decaying body temperature) to attract carrion beetles and flesh flies to help pollinate it. I've been eyeing this beauty up for years now (after first reading about it in a specialty plant catalog) and it slipped my mind as of late. While I was wandering the house looking for an idea to paint, Ed conveniently reminded me of it. Once I saw that it grew from a corm (the world's largest, weighing in at around 110 lbs) I knew it was the perfect addition to my plant portrait series.

I also decided to take progress photos and put them together in a little video that makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it too.

I'm so happy that I was able to contribute to this incredible show which is helping a truly worthwhile cause.