Well, I said I was going to redo the look of my site and shop and I did! Hurricane Irene took away our power and water for five full days which slowed my comeback but, by golly, it looks good in here now :) I changed the color scheme, trimmed the portfolio a bit and designed a brand new logo.I put all the places to buy Cuddly items on a new page and if you go through the portfolio you'll find updated links on most images on where to purchase those items (like "Kokoro" cards or a mounted "Grampa Hoogly" print, etc.).

And my shop is updated as well, cleaned up and nice and bright. Best part is, if you use the code NEWLOOKIRENE between now and September 12th, you'll receive 20% everything in the shop! And since I rarely put my mounted prints on sale, now's the time to buy :D

Have fun and I hope you like the new look!