Why I'm Not Going To Take On Commissions Anymore

When I shut down my commissions way back in January it was so I could catch up with a long list of things I needed to do. I figured that once I got my work under control again, I could start it back up.

Then I went a little insane. Literally.

For about six months.

But you may already know that.

And although I'm stronger, my brain is still healing and I need to do whatever is neccessary to help keep it going in the right direction. So I've decided that I can't take on commissions.

"But why? If people are willing to pay for them, why wouldn't you do them?"

It's not about money at this point, it's about my health. And without my health, I'm incapable of creating anything. Worrying about the long list of people that have lined up waiting for me to put my commissions back on line is not good for me. Worrying about whether the painting I'm doing is perfect enough for the person who commissioned me is also not good. I need to just paint my little characters the way I see them for now.

And maybe, just maybe, someone will connect and fall in love with that character anyway.

Almost as if it was painted specifically for them.

Or you :)