I am stronger today than I was yesterday and that's a good thing. I always get such wonderful emails from people about how much joy my work gives them - it started to sink back in to my head today and I am thankful. I hope that they don't mind me sharing their thoughts with all of you and paraphrasing a bit:

"Mommy's Little Prince"  
Kristin-Just wanted to let you know that she loved it, in fact she cried a little. Thanks for holding off on posting it as it was a pretty big surprise and for your hardwork it looks more awesome in person...I just wanted to thank you so much for getting this done for me. Your art is awesome and I am already trying to think up something cool for the next one I commission you for, the next one will be for myself =)...I thank you so much for getting that painting done though and really send my best wishes that you feel better. James
"Bon Voyage"
Hi Kris!
My fiancé and I walked into our building and found the Cuddly Rigor Mortis package waiting at our door tonight!  I grabbed it before she could see the label and tucked it away. You'll be happy to know that it arrived in perfect condition!  I am usually very good at keeping gifts hidden, but after I saw it I got too excited. I quickly replaced a photo on our wall with "Bon Voyage" and went to cook dinner. 
After dinner, I told my fiancé that I couldn't wait and that I wanted to give her part of her wedding present early.  She said she would have snooped and found it anyway then pretend to be surprised later (crafty lady) and started searching the apartment for it. She found the Cuddly cards from the package first and was thrilled - "which one did you get me?!" and kept looking.  When she couldn't find it, I brought her to the wall and she flipped out! "Oh my god!! She made one for us!" and then a slow "!!". That will be the second part of the wedding gift and we are now looking forward to it every day when we get home and see your painting. Just now before bed, she ran out to look at it again. 
Thank you for making such a wonderful creation for us. I read your blog post from earlier this month and know you are going to come out of the rut soon.  I hope you are able to continue finding creative ways to share your gift with the world. Thanks again