I'm Going To Disneyworld

I'm still having trouble remembering things today but they just got a whole lot better: Ed booked us a little trip to Disneyworld in January!!! SOB made me cry! We haven't been on vacation in...well, I honestly don't remember but he tells me we haven't been to Disneyworld in six years. So all this bullshit will be over and we'll be able to have some fun :D Now all I need to do is try and focus on those three days in Jan to get me through the next couple treatments. I'm pretty sure I can do that!

And I'll write it here so I definitely remember it: the memory loss/confusion is only temporary. It seems like I'll never get it back then BOINK! it's back again and I'll feel great. And after all that, I'll be going to Disneyworld!

So even with the shitty hand I was dealt concerning my emotional state, I more than made up for it when I found Ed. Thank goodness that sneaky bastard can't keep a secret for more than an hour :D

I love you honey and I can't wait to go to Disney <3