Well, Would You Look at That...

I made a leap a couple months ago and actually went out into the great unknown in hopes of trying to promote myself. Ed and I went to Asbury Park as it's a hotbed of galleries and shops. In a lovely series of events we were able to sit down and meet Jenn at Parlor Gallery. What a lovely gal. Actually everyone we meet in Asbury is gracious and kind. Odd for New Jersey. Maybe it's the ocean air that relaxes people.

So Jenn at Parlor Gallery asked Ed and I to join in their Holiday Art Show opening up next week, Friday, December 11th at 7pm. How cool is that? All the art is going to be specially priced under $500 and there'll be a DJ and food and drinks and Ed and I :D

This is the largest piece that I've done to date. A whopping 11" x 11", it's called "A Cold Day"

If you are anywhere in the area stop by, say hello, see some art, buy some art and I'm sure you'll fall in love with Asbury Park (if you haven't already).