New Stuff On The Way

I sincerely apologize to all of you for my lack of new work this year. As I mentioned previously, we've been busy with our other company and in between I've been pumping out plaque orders for Shanalogic and Art Star. I've made over a hundred in the past couple months and although I'm itching to get to painting again, I started another batch of new plaques just for you guys!

A small portion of what's on my desk:

The "Mr. McPrickles" and "No S'more" plaques are in the drying stage and they should be ready to go up for sale in my shop in a day or two. The rest will have to wait about a week or so since I've got another batch of work that's needs tending to.

So I'm off to work but keep your eyes peeled as new stuff is on the way!

Thanks for sticking around :D