I Would Much Rather Be...

...at the bottom of the sea. The Census of Marine Life "is a ten-year effort among marine biologists around the world to catalog and understand ocean life. More than 210 expeditions will examine and document the 95 percent of Earth's oceans that remain relatively unexplored. A final report will be unveiled in October 2010. " - National Geographic

Below is a see through sea cucumber that was recently discoverd on one of these expeditions.  

I can't wait until the whole report comes out.



Have you seen volcano lightning?

I hadn't and yet these pictures were posted on National Geographic a year and a half ago

'The mingling of lightning and ash seen above may be a "dirty thunderstorm." '
I really do need to start looking at NatGeo on a regular basis as once again there are some f*cked up things going on with this world that I have no clue about. I mean, look at that photograph! It's so amazing, Ed said that when someone takes a photograph this amazing they should just immediately get a million dollars. 'Oh, a picture of lightning, well...we'll take a look at it later....HOLY SHIT!! WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS SHIT?! AND THERE'S A VOLCANO IN ALL THAT LIGHTNING?! well here's your $1,000,000."

Kudos to Carlos Gutierrez/UPI/Landov for taking such wonderful photographs.