It's Intermission Time!

I needed a mini break from painting for my solo and paint! So I went back to food. Dancing food to be exact and what immediately came to my mind was the animation they used to play at the movies from the 50's "Let's All Go To The Lobby..." with the parade of yummy food.

So, please, sit back and relax and enjoy, "Intermission Time"!

Let's start with "Hot Diggity"


Next up is the always popular "Hot Buttered"

Then you'll surely welcome "Sweet Creamy"

Now how about a sip of "Refreshing"

And last but not least "Tasty"

All five of these pieces are acrylic on maple panels, each measuring 5" x 7". They are protected with a glossy top coat that really makes the wood grain glow.

Here's some closeups so you can see the details:

They are all titled and signed on the back with a sawtooth hanger. I would absolutely love for them to stay as a set so I'll make them available on Friday, November 1st at 3pm EDT for $800 (plus shipping). If they do not sell, the following day I will separate them and they will be available for individual purchase for $175 a piece. 
**Note: These fellas are all sold and going to a good home! Thanks everyone :D***

I really hope you all enjoy these little fellows as much as I do! Thanks for reading :D