It's A Trap, Daffadown Dilly!

I have two new mounted prints in the shop.

"Daffadown Dilly" and "It's A Trap" both measure 3.5" x 24" (same size as the original paintings) and they really do look sharp. I also thought they looked so great side by side that I'm giving you the option of purchasing them as a set with $25 off :D

I also made up a very small batch of "Grampa Hoogly", "Smell You Later" and"Mutual Admiration" mounted prints that are also available in the shop now.

My plaque making has gotten so overwhelming as of late that I enlisted the aid of my dad to fashion a walk in spray booth for me in our spare room. With the threat of a another bad winter looming I felt it was neccessary to have a way to spray in the house without getting finish over everything.

It's working like a charm!

So check out the shop and stay tuned, I'll be posting about another new item tomorrow (hint: it's 'original').