Thinking Ahead...

I hope everyone (who celebrates) had a great Christmas yesterday! I had a wonderful couple of days with my family and dogs and am now settled in with my new iPod staring out at the blizzard that's just starting to blow outside. They're predicting 40mph winds and up to 16 inches of snow! So happy we went out and bought a snow blower a couple weeks ago :)

Of course I can't just relax and watch new dvds and look at the pretty lit up Christmas tree against the snowy window. No. I have to start thinking ahead. To Valentine's Day.

I know, I know, YOU guys just want to relax and that's totally cool. But I kinda thought some of you might like to know what I've decided to do for Valentine's Day this year. Last year I released the limited edition mounted prints of "Kokoro" which sold out. And many of you have been emailing me about making more, which I can't, because a limited edition is a limited edition.

But I decided that I COULD make an open edition of an 8 x 10 giclee print of "Kokoro" and hopefully make a whole bunch of people happy in the process!  That's worth a little prep a few weeks in advance, isn't it? And I thought I'd try something else new and put them up for pre-order in my shop right now. This way you're guaranteed a copy will be ready to ship to you January 17th, you've got a jump on your Valentine's Day shopping and I get an idea of how many prints to make! Sound good?

So click on the photo below to go to the shop and have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year! I can't thank you all enough for your support and kind words over the past year -- I have the best fans!