Twinkie Chan

is one of the most adorable things on this planet Earth. I've seen her work all over the place and finally decided that I needed to profess my love of all things Twinkie-Chan! Not only is she herself a cutie pie but she makes such amazingly cute things I can hardly stand it. Oh and everything is food themed. Yay, yay and yay again!

This is her modeling the radish scarf that is currently up for sale in her Etsy shop. Visit all her sites and you'll see what I'm talking about. Her main site with everything she's doing and has done or will do :D her blog about all the wild, wacky things she eats complete with adorable pics


I'm Going to Roll Him in a Tortilla and...

I'm going to bite his little head off !!!!(this is a good thing. When there is something so cute you can't stand it, say you're going to roll it up in a tortilla and bite it's head off. As in this pic

So I just found Skunkboy Creatures via Shanalogic and I was torn on which of her cute creations to bite but finally decided on Suzette the Little Grey Elephant.

Hand made of vintage materials -- I'm dying here! There are only a few things that get to me. Suzette got me! Kudos to Katie for making such adorable plushes. Visit her Etsy and blog and give her a little love.