Candy Corn Parade Original Painting

Who's ready for some trick or treating? This cheerful trio is!
Once again I needed a little break from painting and decided the best way to do that was by painting, of course.
"Kanny Korns" is an original acrylic painting measuring 10" x 4.75" on a maple panel and will be available for purchase in my shop tomorrow. Check out all the details here.

Best of luck!

L'amour Or Less

I'm not sure what to write. These two are the first paintings I've done in months. A departure in a few ways - a set, smiling and nothing creepy. It's been a long, long road back to this point and I'm happy they came out alright. I'll let you know when they'll go up for sale - and yes, they will be sold as a couple. Enjoy!


Happy Halloween

This photo is so frightening. I'd so much rather see people dressing up like this today than skantilly clad vixens. Sorry guys, but it's Halloween - aren't we supposed to scare people? Enjoy!

Halloween 2009 #77

Found on Steve Chasmar's Flickr page - click the photo to see more of his wonderful vintage finds