I Need a Vacation

Maybe that's why this little guy decided to come out now after a year of thinking about painting a little coconut character.

"Frou Frou" measures 5 x 7, acrylic on a beveled wood plaque. He's going up for sale on Wednesday, October 27th at 3pm EST in the shop.

A closeup so you can see some of the details. Man those coconut hairs were not neccessarily easy or fun. Very glad that he reads as a coconut though. He does, doesn't he?

So enjoy! and if anyone is sitting on a tropical beach right now enjoying a frou frou drink, think of me ;)

Hey Watch Who You're Calling Slow!

Cow! I love this:

A lovely alternative to all the energy drinks out there now. And it's not to put you to sleep, but relax you. Relieves anxiety, stress and improves cognition among other wonderful things.

Yes, I like this a lot :)