Petco Plush Dog Toys are back!

They're back!

Petco has once again licensed 4 of my plush designs and turned them into plush dog toys for their Halloween Boo-tique. This year you can get Bat, Woofman, Pumpkin (new this year!) and Frank. You can purchase them individually online or visit your local Petco. But don't wait too long - they sold out before Halloween last year :D (***note: they are on sale with free shipping until Tues, Sept 3rd - perfect timing!)

Petco Howloween

***UPDATE: These little guys are all sold out! Thanks to everyone who bought one :D***

Brand new for the Howloween display at Petco - four of my original plush designs as dog toys! You can choose from Bat, Woofman, Frank and Mummy. Best part: my dog LOVES them! Couldn’t have asked for better confirmation that they’re awesome - many thanks to Petco for doing a wonderful job on them!

I'm pretty sure they are available at all the stores in their Halloween display but if not, you can still purchase them online but you won't be able to choose which design - they choose for you. I also just found out that Petco does not sell beyond the US - hang tight - I'll work on trying to get some in house to sell to you guys :D

I Made Cookies

I know it's early for gingerbread - but what the heck!

These five Miniature Gingerbreadmen plushes are real and going to be for sale. I swear I'm not kidding. If you've been moping around for two years because you missed out on one of my handmade dolls, now's your chance.

I got bored when our power and water was out for five days and I found these guys in a drawer, perfectly cut out and embellished and just begging to be sewn together. So I pulled out my needle and stuffing and went to town hand sewing them. I had the hangtags, embroidered labels and numbered birth certificates too (left off at 724 two years ago so these are numbered 725-729).

And in case you might be wondering if this means I might make more handmade plushes, unfortunately it does not. One day of sewing and stuffing was enough and I'm firmly back to painting and printing :)

So take a sweet break and bite into a little gingerbread. Goes on sale Tuesday, September 20th at 3pm EDT.