Creative Pet Project

Rob Snow contacted me about participating in his Creative Pet Project. “Artists from around the world have joined together in a collaborative effort to help charitable organizations in turn help the animals that make up our eco-system.”

He's compiling portraits of artists with their pets for an upcoming book as well as a wonderful website showcasing the participants. With artists like Chet Zar, Tara McPherson, Lou Pimentel and Dilka Bear, I was honored to be asked.

And although I and my chi, Ginger are notoriously camera shy, we couldn’t have been happier to help out.


I have nothing inspiring for you today. I looked and if anything there's TOO much out there right now for my brain to choose just one thing to showcase today. And yet, I felt there was a need for me to show you something. This, my dear friends, is from Bubbledog on their Flickr page. Enjoy!