Sluggish sanding and horror movies...

I've been breathing in bits of Modge Podge dust and it's bringing me down. I'm using multiple layers of MP and then sanding it smooth then hitting it with a clear acrylic sealer. It's soft and brings the colors out beautifully and will protect the paintings for the future. But it's kicking my ass. My right arm is getting more of a workout than...I'll just stop there. And due to the colder temps and closed windows the smell is a little blechy. But it's for the greater good and the finish is much nicer and sturdier and should endure anything.

And it's quiet. Too quiet, some might say. Like the scene in the horror movies where the kid hears a cracking branch and then it's just quiet for an eternity. Maybe I'm just getting into the whole autumnal feel of cold weather. And this time of year reminds me of the old Shock-tober they used to have on channel 11 (I think) playing horror movies every night for the whole month. I'm an avid horror movie watcher. I'll take terror over love any day. Chick flicks bore me and make me sad to be a woman. Show me "Inside" and I shriek with delight. But it seems extra cozy to snuggle up with some gore and tension once the leaves start to turn colors. Taking the dogs out after a particularly spooky movie will freak me out. I am easily scared, don't get me wrong. I didn't watch a horror movie until I was in high school and I couldn't sleep for a week straight. A WEEK! My imagination was enough horror for me as a youngster.

So I'll leave you all with the last movie Ed and I watched and it's called "Laid to Rest". Old school unstoppable slasher with the best effects, great acting and a good script had us from moment one. So if you're up for a great horror movie that you may not have seen, take a peak at this one.

Sleep tight.