Another show I'm glad to be a part of is Curiosities at Gallery Nucleus opening Oct 27th. This should be quite the interesting show. In celebration of Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying's new book release "Curiosities: An Illustrated History of Ancestral Oddity", over 40 artists were asked what 'oddities and may discover in an ancient, spooky mansion.'

 I immediately went to my stack of books on Cabinets of Curiosities and began compiling items that I was drawn to: taxidermy, sideshow gaffs, terrariums, sea creatures. The result is "Saturnine" acrylic on wood, 9" x 7.25".

The opening sounds like it's going to be a blast - combining the book release (with Mike and Victoria signing copies), a costume contest and the curious, eerie art exhibition turning the gallery into a spooky  mansion.

As with all Nucleus shows I suggest signing up for the preview list and you'll get a password to see the artwork online (and purchase it) before the opening.